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Your Ultimate Power Source

RC runs best on ONYX quality, value, and support

ONYX RC electronics launched in 2008 to instant acclaim. Never before had modelers found so many advanced features in chargers within our price range. ONYX broke through technical barriers and changed how all RC companies designed chargers from then on. ONYX meant more value for your money!

That reputation continues as ONYX grows to become your one-stop source for all hobby electronic power equipment. For example, we’ve expanded the ONYX battery line to include the sizes, chemistries, configurations, and connectors you need for any application.

No more searching through specialty brands to find the best battery for your RC vehicle, aircraft, boat, or radio. You’ll find them all from ONYX, manufactured to consistently high standards and priced for our trademark value.

ONYX batteries are also warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for an unprecedented two years from the day you buy them. During the first year, you enjoy full warranty coverage. Then your protection continues for a second year with an extended limited warranty.

You can be confident in the performance of all ONYX electronic power equipment. Watch for more items coming soon!

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