Plugs Everything you need to know

Having different types of plugs makes a wider variety of ONYX batteries available to you, for virtually any application. This helpful guide shows you all of the different plugs so you can get the best performance from your ONYX batteries.

*Check each application carefully to ensure the proper matching of plug polarities.

Standard plug

The Standard plug is an economical plug found on medium-to-large NiCds and NiMHs, with a locking tab that ensures solid connections.

Star® Plug

100% compatible with one of the industry’s most popular plugs, the Star Plug is optimized for superior power and performance. Great for high-power NiMHs and LiPos. Wires can be easily soldered onto terminals.

Star Plug Tech Notice (PDF, 776 KB)

Universal plug

Found on NiCd, NiMH and LiPo receiver packs, the Universal plug’s plastic shell lacks a molded-in key, ensuring compatibility with most receiver brands.

JST RCY plug

The JST RCY plug is small and efficient, which makes it ideal for small-to-medium NiMHs and LiPos. It’s also known as the "BEC" and "2-Pin" plug.

JST XH plug

JST XH plugs are most commonly installed on balancing cables found on LiPo batteries having more than one cell. Also known as a "balancing plug," the JST XH is designed for low-power use. It features small locking keys for solid connections. Multiple terminals connect individual cells in the LiPo battery to mating terminals on a LiPo balancing board or LiPo balancing charger.

Flat Micro 51005 plug

This plug has a very flat profile, which is perfect for 1S 3.7V LiPo batteries used in micro/mini electric airplanes, helis and drones.

Micro plug

Solid terminals and a robust housing make the Micro plug the perfect match for small-to-medium LiPos designed for elevated power and performance in smaller models. A user-friendly design makes it easy to solder wires to terminals.

Mini 5102 plug

This medium-sized plug is found on medium-size NiMHs used in surface and air applications.

SuperTigre® plug

Found on select medium-to-large LiPo batteries, the SuperTigre connector features two 3.5 mm bullet terminals inside a plastic housing. Wires are easy to solder on to the terminals.

Ultra Micro 51021

The smallest plug in the lineup, the Ultra Micro 51021 plug is included on the smallest of 1S 3.7V LiPo flight batteries when size and weight are critical. Plugs are often hard-mounted to cells.

XT60 plug

XT60 connectors feature two 3.5 mm bullet terminals housed in tough plastic. Great for medium-to-large NiMH and LiPo batteries used in surface and air applications. It is easy to solder wires onto the terminals.

XT90 plug

XT90 connectors house two 4.5 mm bullet terminals in robust plastic. Ideal for large, high-powered NiMH and LiPo batteries used in high-performance RC. Wires can be soldered onto the terminals.